if you want to see which playgrounds are the safest, please look at the list above.

A list of Toto sites that meet certain criteria.

It's a bad thing if you apply for currency exchange and the playground doesn't do it quickly or smoothly. You feel nervous for no reason. When you actually exchange money, there are Toto sites that don't exchange money for a variety of reasons or the processing speed is very slow, so you have to leave right away because there's a good chance you'll eat and run. It's safe to exchange money at least on the major sites on the Toto site list. During the game, any user can ask for money exchange if they win the game that they bet on. And the main site takes care of it right away. In some cases, people rush to exchange money, which is usually on the day of Jeongbae Day and other events. If it is a normal safe playground on a day when currency exchange is concentrated like this, a notice is put up in advance.
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If there is a concentration phenomenon, the notice is put up right away and the currency exchange is done in turn, so please wait a moment for the notice to come up. Except in this case, it is normal for the exchange process to be done in minutes. If there aren't any Toto sites, they won't be on the Toto site list. They don't meet the minimum standards. A lot of security There must be a lot of security at big places. There is no matter how well you exchange money above, if there isn't a lot of security, anyone can get their hands on transaction records, so these companies aren't safe places. There is a simple way to find out if the security system works or not. That's whether or not the site is running well. There is a good chance that the site will close often because it is a day away. This is because the site isn't able to defend itself against DDoS attacks from other companies. Toto is a business where there is a lot of competition and dirty work because a lot of money moves back and forth.

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To do this, you can hire people who know how to hack into other Toto sites and do things like break into them on purpose.